Perpetuity, How Our Beloved Pets Never Leave Our Hearts

They never ever go away. There isn’t a time when you can draw up the image of a pet who has gone down the rainbow bridge without feeling the same sense of soul-rending pain as the very instant you knew that they were gone.

I drew the rough copy of Perpetuity while she was alive and it was years after her death when I was going through old sketchbooks that I found the unfinished picture of her and I wrote this poem for her and, of course, I cried. Because fur babies are our beloveds too and all animal lovers have felt the sting of their loss. The only thing that makes up for it is the years of unconditional love and the bond that formed. That time with them is well worth the pain of loss.

This picture of Perpetuity is available on a Canvas Gallery Frame at Faking Sanity for the Dawson Creek Art Walk Starting on Monday, June 27, 2016 and going until the end of August. It is available for sale as a canvas print along with the other art and poetry that myself and other artists will be displaying. I am told that Mary Mottishaw will be creating her fantastic notebooks and showing her methods live at Faking Sanity as well. Drop By for a treat, whether that’s a peek at some art, a new-to-you book or a piece of Faking Sanity’s famous cheesecake, cookies or their healthy lunches!




by Virginia Carraway Stark

One day I found a picture of you

And my heart was hurt anew

Because my love, how I loved you

You were mine, my Perpetu

But even more I belonged to you

Someone like my Perpetu

Can never leave my heart too

So much of me was invested in you

Every day you were with me was always new

A part of my soul was claimed when yours was due

I always new the day would come

When I would think of you and numb

The pain and tears that will not be dumb

Some things in life aren’t here to stay

But having a dog taken away

Even by old age, the pain eats us day by day

Rest for now, my Perpetu

One day I know, I will see you

I will hold you in my arms anew

What is gone now is not lost except for a few

When it’s time to wake up know that I’m here

And that I’ve never once forgotten you.


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