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Virginia Carraway Stark is a prolific and diverse author who enjoys working on a plethora of projects.

Her Current Projects Include:

Coming for 2016 and 2017!


Coming 2017 from Steamwriter Press

Anne of black fables

Coming Christmas 2016 from Steamwriter Press

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Shamrocks cover art


shamrocks promo pic

(Now available! See above link!)

Coming this Summer and Autumn, 2016

great women cover

My short story, “An Unpardonable Adventure” will be released June 5, 2015. It’s an anthology made as an homage to the late Alan Rickman and David Bowie. Two men who were fearless and changed the world with their art. All proceeds will go towards finding new treatments and cures for cancer which claimed both their lives earlier this year.

bowie stardust cover


She was always a writer but she never seriously considered sharing her work with the world until she was asked to. She was a story teller with drawers of unpublished work and she would tell the stories she had written or was thinking of writing to her friends.

Her friends were so compelled by her stories that they in turn told the stories to their friends. One of these friends happened to be a movie producer. Virginia was asked multiple times to write her stories into screenplays by the producer but she demurred as she felt unqualified. The producer at Skylight Production assured her that he would be forgiving of any technical mistakes. Virginia spent the afternoon at the library reading up on tips and techniques for screenplays and turned her short story, ‘BlindEye’ into her first screenplay.

BlindEYE cover


The screenplay had an opening in an Triad run whore house and it just so happened that Marcus McNabb pitched the story to an Asian investor who he had been courting for years. The investor loved Virginia’s take on it and felt it resonated with him so strongly that he agreed to invest in the movie. As a result Rowdy Roddie Piper and Nick Mancuso also became involved in the movie and before anyone knew what was happening the movie was at the Cannes Film Festival.

billy owens pic


An Executive Producer loved the script for BlindEye and asked that the same writer be involved in a new Children’s movie that he had wanted to have made for years but had never found a screenwriter right for the job. Virginia based the screenplay, ‘The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens’ off of another short story. Roddie Piper was quick to request to be on board with this new film as well and he played an old magician who ran a second hand store where not all the items were mundane in nature. There were later two sequels but after the first sequel the story had deviated so far from Virginia’s original intent that she opted out of the third movie.

Her original short stories for both Blindeye and ‘The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens’ can be found in Starklight Anthologies Volume One.

Virginia became active in the online world of writers where she made some friends and started writing in tandem with them, helping to develop their worlds by augmenting them with her own take on things. .’The Toadstools of Rire’ is an early example of this as is story ‘Group Therapy’, both of which also appear in Starklight Anthologies Volume 1. Group Therapy was adapted to the GAF universe, (Galactic Armed Forces), a science fiction world developed by Jorge Stuart and the man who would one day be her husband: Anthony Stark.


For some time the two worked in partnership on many projects. They would not only develop the GAF into a formidible galaxy class world, they would also lay the ground work for ‘The Program at Green Hill’


When they met in real life they fell in love and were shortly after engaged, they finally married in 2014. Together they were sparks and dry tinder and their writing took off to wild new heights.


After observing how many authors lost the rights to their worlds through the traditional writing process Anthony Stark decided to make a press of his own to protect the work he, Jorge and Virginia had accomplished so far. His plan was to create a press where writers could join in, contribute, have fun and most importantly of all: keep the rights to their own worlds and characters if he chose to publish with them.

The result of this resolution was Starklight Press that you can easily find at http://www.starklightpress.com and the hit collection of short science fiction stories from the GAF universe co-written by Virginia and Tony.
better tales from space pic with author

It was also at this time that Virginia was nominated for the prestigious Aurora Award.

aurora award

Starklight Anthology Volume 2 was even more of a success than Volume one and the first five hundred book run sold out in short order. You can find Virginia’s Starklight publications at:


or directly from Amazon.

Dalton's Daughter



During the writing of her first full length novel, ‘Dalton’s Daughter’, tragedy struck when a fan and sometimes writer for Starklight Press turned stalker and then committed suicide. The mentally ill girl was convinced that all of Virginia’s writings were real and in a tragic reconstruction of a short story in Starklight Volume 1 Starklight Press removed the book from sale out of respect for the dead.

starklight volume 1 cover


It was only recently that it was re-released along with a new forward as well as a some new notes to some of the stories in the anthology. After much discussion it was decided that creative pursuits should not be curtailed because of one girl’s delusions and that it should be made available to the public once more.


Before all of this drama came Starklight 2: The roaring success that sold like gangbusters.

starklight 2 cover


After the release of Dalton’s Daughter and Starklight Volume 2  came Starklight Volumes 3


starklight volume 3

Now Available:

Starklight 4 official cover

Virginia also has a keen interest in the paranormal and was formerly a Director at the National Paranormal Society. The NPS has a scientific approach to the paranormal and encourages education and research rather than hysteria and superstition. Virginia has written many articles that you can find on NPS and republications of those articles are also available at outermost in Virginia’s Archives.

nps logo


She is the Editor in Chief for Outermost: A Journal of the Paranormal which has received media attention for its interviews, articles and stories. Including an intimate conversation with internationally acclaimed psychic Robbie Thomas.

outermost banner logo

http://www.outermostjournal.wordpress.com or on Facebook at:


outermost December cover 2015.jpg

Due to an a lot of life events the release of Starklight Volume 4 was delayed until late December of 2015

Virginia wasn’t limiting herself to one press however. She also published ‘Edith and I’ in the Scarecrow Anthology by Weaverworld Press,


She became involved with CW Publishing in the inaugural collaborative novel ‘The Concierge’.


the concierge

Bittersweet Anthology

bittersweet cover


Cult Classics for the Modern Cult 2: Heartbreakers for the Modern Cult from Magpie Press published her story ‘The Werewolf Detective’. Both Bittersweet and Cult Classics 2 topped the charts at Amazon for nearly a month.


cult classics

Virginia published her story ‘Annie’s Fetch’ in the Grimkeepers Anthology later that year.

GrimKeeper cover


She was later involved in the ‘Voices of the Valleys’ anthology from Cobalt Press where she contributed two true stories about life in BC. One about her encounter with a wolverine and subsequent friendship and another about her father being treed by a moose.

voices of the valleys pic



in my mind's eye cover

Virginia’s story ‘Astronauts and Olympians’ was selected by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible

chicksoup for the soul with author


Since 2014 Virginia has also taken part in the twenty-four hour poetry marathon.

2014 poetry marathon

After the first marathon she had bonded intensely with many of the other writers in the marathon and she started the facebook page, ‘Writing Challenge Fun’ to keep in touch and to keep the good energy flowing. This is where the anthology ‘In My Mind’s Eye sprang from after the 2015 marathon.

2015 poetry marathon

More recently was the release of ‘Festive Frights’ where she contributedher story ‘A Very Marduk Christmas’ from CW Publishing House.

festive frights finished cover



Festive Frights was followed immediately by the second collaborative novel, ‘Ambition’ which was a far more complex and challenging story than the Concierge and Virginia enjoyed the challenge immenselyambition cover.jpg


holly and ivy steampunk cover

‘Holly and Ivy: A Steampunk Anthology’ was brought out just in time for Christmas of 2015 and was Virginia’s first major venture into the punk genre.


In addition to published novels, anthologies and poetry Virginia also has been working on a ‘live’ memoir on her blog http://www.ihavememory.wordpress.com . Although these are done as they come to mind plans in in the works to organize them into a full length memoir available in paperback. In her memoir she looks at her past and her childhood with an unflinching honesty including the good and the bad with her characteristic passionate manner. Her story is both heartbreaking and uplifting and she is proud of it as she grew and learned from the good and the bad. She considers her past to be integral in who she became in the present and has found forgiveness and love for her family while accepting the reality of who they were and how she was treated by them.

In July of 2015 Virginia was struck by a taxi while crossing at a crosswalk. Since then writing has taken on many new challenges. She continues on with her creative writing but no longer writes science articles and blogs. The injuries put an end to her freelance blog writing but her creative writing continues. She is very aware that her life was nearly ended that night and continues to deal with PTSD from the violence of the injury. Remarkably, however she walked away from the accident proving that authors do bounce.

There are many exciting announcements coming for 2016. Among them are three new stories connected to the punk movements. A diesel punk story based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s story ‘King Pest’. An Urban Fiction story based off of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and for the end of next year a cyber punk remake of Shakespeare’s Othello with Othello as a cyborg who faces the discriminations of a new era all from Writerpunk Press. There is also the collaborative novel Wytchborn from CW Publishing that has yet to release a completion date. Many more are to be announced shortly.


Now Available:

starklight steampunk Christmas


Now Available, a Valentine’s Horror from Starklight Press:

valentine's anthology




Grim Keepers and Festive Frights are already available but the horror doesn’t end until the release of ‘Twisted Easter Tales’ coming March 10, 2016 from CW Publishing House

twisted tales

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/622286 Twisted Tales now available for free download!


trilogy of horror



Wytchborn will be available very soon as well! A collaboration from another world available from CW Publishing house soon!

wytch born cover

Soon to be released in 2016:

Carnival Fun from Starklight Press

charism cover

carnival fun cover

 decay of man cover

Bit from CW Publishing


Bit Cover Release

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