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Shards of a Mirror

Book One of The Royal Sacrifice Series Novels


By Virginia Carraway Stark

Queen Paula DuPrey rules her kingdom by the skin of her teeth. Every year, by law a clone is made of the Rightful Queen of Genick. The Clone is grown to adulthood within a month after the demise of the previous clone using technology that is used without any understanding. The Clone must not only grow properly in a short period of time but must also me mentally and physically fit enough to run an elaborate and deadly maze within the hour time limit.

Whether the Clone wins or loses they will either die in the maze or be executed by guillotine immediately after reaching the center of the maze. If they succeed the ruling queen will rule for another year. If the clone fails then the queen falls to the guillotine after the clone’s death.

The theory behind this brutal yearly practice is that it is proof that the Queen is still virile, strong and youthful enough to rule. The deck is constantly being stacked against the Dupreys as the rival noble family, the House of Dextroth has all the power over the maze and every year they make it more difficult to the point of impossibility.

Queen Paula knows her years on the throne are limited and is desperately stalling for time so that her daughter, the Princess Lena will be old enough to be successfully cloned when her time comes to be queen.

Paula’s daughter, Lena DuPrey is barely sixteen and too young to take the throne but when the next year Paula’s clone fails to complete the maze, Paula is executed for all to see and Lena is crowned Queen.

Now Lena must face the fact that she is the last of her line and if her clone fails the maze the Kingdom will be restored to the Dextroth’s ancient and cruel bloodline.

It is from the Dextroth’s that the wicked magic was accomplished to keep the Kingdom and it’s magic intact, but only through the sacrifice of the Queen each year. The Kingdom of Atheron is a mixture of technology and demonic magic that often intermingle with one another. If the maze is not fed the demons will not be constrained and chaos and horror will fill the land.

Will Lena be able to look at a girl who looks, act and feels just like her and execute her, assuming her DNA is stable enough at such a young age to successfully make a fully functional clone? The DuPrey line may end soon and without a daughter of her own to pass the crown to upon her own inevitable demise at the guillotine it will be sooner rather than later.

Can she accept a King to mate and rule with? Or will her stubborn will and desire to rule on her own spell the end of the DuPrey’s for good and put the cruel family of Dextroth back on the throne along with their ideas for yet more cruelty and blood magic to rule the land.

Coming 2016!

Tales from Spae 2

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blue moon season anthology

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October 2016:

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Novemeber 2016

Gates of the Sheela

A Stone Circle Novel

Alanna is a special girl: born in Faery Land, she is part mortal.

She is the third generation of women with mortal blood to have made Faery Land her home. The resulting torsion has created a vortex of contradictions that has attracted greater attention. Even Queen Maeve herself has no control over the force that is coming forth.

The Creatrix of the Universe herself is coming for Alanna and the rest of her family and she wants answers.

The Sheela Na Gig, an ancient crone who holds within her all the universes is being twisted out of shape by the mortals that have made their home in Faery Land. The Creatrix takes Alanna on a journey to the land of mortals that has been held in time for three generations that has passed as one long decade to Alanna’s great aunt. Alba is a mortal but she has never forgot the loss of her sister and her niece to the Stone Circles.

Alanna must venture from her world of magic and wonder into a dreary world where time passes, rain falls and days pass. She must overcome her fears, her homesickness and a lack of magic in her entire life to set the universe right after her mother and grandmother and great grandmother left the mortal realm for the magic of the Fey and the loves they found there.

Coming Autumn of 2016:


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Wytch Born is now available!

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Anne of black fables

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