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Liane Carter Writes: The Land of Virginia

Written and Illustrated by Liane Carter,

A tiny tale of a little of the land of Virginia

The path is red like her hair. Beware.


She has a heart so big it makes her beauty – and she is a sculpture made by angels – seem small in comparison. You may feel overwhelmed in the wonder of the wildness and wilderness of all she is. Her depth, anguish, pain and intelligence swim on the river surface of her eyes. There is no disguise. She has allowed herself free to be and opens her hand to ask you to too. If you are willing to. Take another step into the unknown back to the birth of all that is known.

liane carter virginia pic 1

A goddess who guides you and hides you if you need a retreat because she has been there, and even if she hasn’t, her empathy nourishes your lands to live in. A lover of the living, animals flock to feed on her love so you may meet a few chickens, dogs and a gorgeous bird on the way.

picture by Liane Carter

You can stop. You can stay. I promise you a beautiful journey on the way.

liane carter virginia pic 3


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Virginia Carraway Stark received a nomination for an Aurora Award. Virginia won the Valour in Poetry Award 2015. She won the ‘I Found the Darkness’ short story award in 2015.

She had two nominations for BOFA for best novel and Valor in Literature (White Rook Takes White Queen, the first in the Carnival Fun series and Red Queen Takes Red Rook which is still in the contending to win for Best Novel Valor in Literature 2016) and a BOFA for best novel for Dalton’s Daughter. She wrote for Poe Gets Punked and won Best Indie Award.

She won the ‘Promising New Artist’ Award from the Northern BC Writer’s Guild in 2015.

Her screenplay Blind Eye received an honorable mention at the Canne Film Festival. Her short screenplay Witch Doctor got in the top three at the Reel to Reel Film Festival. Nomination for best short story for her short story, Alway Hungry published in StarkLight Volume 4.

She’s also completed three annual 24 hour poetry marathons as wells as 3 years of 30 days of Poetry. She’s won Nanowrimo two years in a row and completed the novel in 3 Days Challenge 2016

Virginia has been trained in massage and shiatsu as well as the art of Dim Mak. She has extensively learned herbology including usage in tonics, unguents, ointments, tinctures, teas, poultices etc. She studied reflexology and aromatherapy use and distillation of essential oils.

She has taken courses from the University of Guelph, University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh and Boston U as well as other supplementary courses from other Universities through correspondence including the University of Barcelona. She is currently working on her Masters in International Law from the University of Copenhagen in conjunction with her completion of her Bachelors in Philosophy and history from Penn University.

She is completing Specialties in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University and in Philosophy Specialty from Yale University.

She has basic competency in French, German, Latin and Spanish and can speak Danish, Irish and Greek on an elementary level. She constantly endeavors to improve her proficiency levels.

She is also an artist who has had several gallery showings of her work and has had her photographs used for cover work and other projects. She formerly modeled herself and is featured on several posters, Vogue Magazine, travel BC pamphlets and magazines, and book covers. She has done some acting including playing the lead role of Virna in her play, Carnival Fun. She attended Vancouver Acting School.

Other places to find Virginia:

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Where to find more about Virginia

Free Stories, Contest Wins  or Excerpts Available Online by Virginia. You can also find links to live interviews on radio shows as well as interview transcripts.

Current Public Events:

Summer of 2016
The Dawson Creek Art Walk

Find Poetry and Art Work by Virginia Carraway Stark at Faking Sanity Books and at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. You can also find all of Virginia’s publications through StarkLight Press at The Art Gallery and find used editions at Faking Sanity all year long!


Her artwork is a regular at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery as well as at other art shows in Western Canada. Her art and poetry are usually paired together and inspired one from the other.

 Her poetry is featured at the end of every month at Faking Sanity Song Writer’s Cafe at the end of every month with live readings of her poetry or songs.
She performs at the annual Christmas Concert with the Songwriter’s of Northern BC the first Friday of every December. For more details about any of these events you can contact her at virginiaseastark@gmail.com

Outermost Journal of the Paranormal is a great source for free stories as well as all sorts of interesting articles. This has  taken the place of the National Paranormal Society as I take a more open and dedicated view of the paranormal and can freely address many more topics! There is also a lot of fiction as well as interviews with Paranormal Investigators and Psychics who have worked with the police to solve crimes!


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You can reach out and say ‘hi’ to Virginia through her blog www.virginiastark.wordpress.com , or you can email me virginiaseastark@gmail.com

Find her on Twitter: @tweetsbyvc




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or just google Virginia Carraway Stark to find poems, publications and different challenges, interviews or projects that are always new and developing!

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Fan Art, Letters, Poems and Dedications etc

Thank you

By Liane Carter

People I don’t know
Pleasing me with prose
The scent of jasmine
A twilight rose
Caterpillar crawling
Reminding me to be
A monument of beauty
Virginia is she
Hands sticking in hair
And sticky magazines
Wing-wandering in night time
Half asleep still with dreams
Virginia and Sunny singing sweet song
I’m blessed to be among this poetic throng

liane carter picture for virginia poem

The very, very popular picture of Virna Grant, by my talented husband, Anthony Stark.

virginia and virna mug

Virna portrait

virna bag

virna mug

Artwork by Liane Carter who is also pictured with her copy of ‘In My Mind’s Eye’. She is an amazing poet in her own right as well as a clarinet player, artist and an inspiration to all who she touches!

picture by Liane Carter

liane carter virginia pic 3

liane carter virginia pic 2

liane carter virginia pic 1

liane carter in my mind's eye

There’s nothing like the feeling of having inspired someone to the point where they dedicate a book to you! Dedication by Lynda Williams for Opus 6 of her Okal Rel Series. Sketch of me by Richard Baltrop.

reality skimming opus 6 dedication

reality skimming dedication

Fan Jen M. Duell composed the following: Inspired by the planet Dalton from my novel Dalton’s Daughter.


More Fan Art!


Me as an evil queen who I was assured is redeemed in the end, CG artwork by Robert Marquiss.

Virginia loves to hear from her fans in every form and attempts to respond personally to every letter. She found this letter particularly touching:

Hello dear Virginia,

Hope all is well with you and yours across the miles. Are you the same Virginia Carraway Stark who wrote the wonderful story “Astronauts and Olympians,” from a recently published book by the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Think Possible? The story, however, impressed my heart in a very positive way because asthmatic since 2003.

Best wishes,

Hamza Saudi Arabia

(shared with permission)

She also is sent odds and ends of things that have inspired people as well as deeply personal fan mail about how her work affected them that isn’t available to share publicly.

If you want to send fan mail you can send it to:

Virginia C. Stark

RR 1 Site 3 Compt 32

Dawson Creek, BC

V1G 4E7