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Thoughts On Being Interviewed

Thoughts on Being Interviewed

By Virginia Carraway Stark


Being interviewed by Kelly Blanchard about my upcoming novel, “The Hunt for Z’iaster’ was an interesting and imaginative romp that showed Blanchard’s clarity of vision of her world. I had never written about myself in the third person before and adding to the challenge of trying to think of how to describe and characterize my movements, voice and idiom was the challenge of being transported to Blanchard’s fantasy universe as well.

pearl oyster

An interview puts me in mind of being an oyster; the questions make me think and pearls are the result of the stimulus that the questions bring. It’s not about revealing yourself, it’s about discovering your own potential in answering the questions! 

It also reminded me of projects that I’d put on the back burner in favor of more current books and inspired me to get back to what I was working on!

Blanchard encourages play over a standard, by the books interview and lets the interviewee lead with creation and imagination so that the interview takes place in another world, Kelly Blanchard’s world. In my case we started off in a royal garden and then rambled through a woods and into an ancient rune.

kelly blanchard red coat


The suspension of belief and the removal of the bounds of reality are essential to the creative process, this is what was distinguishing about the interview, it was an effort of creation rather than a simple rundown of facts. There was no list of interview questions an it was much more a conversation between writers that allows others an inside peek into the world of not one author, but two.

kelly blanchard writing

Find Kelly Blanchard’s Books online and look for her on FaceBook! Kelly has become a professional interviewer as well as an author. She has been an inspiration to many writers and works diligently to promote and encourage those around her.