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My short story, Widower’s Choice was selected from over 300 submissions for this wonderful anthology bursting with talented authors! I was further honored to make the cut for the cover but most of all I am so happy that Widower’s Choice will be available to be read soon!
Click on the link to pre-order and get your copy soon!


Black Heart Magazine is presenting ‘Disarm, A Gun Sense Anthology’. It has my short story in it along with many others. Please keep reading before reacting 🙂


I am sensitive to the fact that not all guns are created equally and that this is a hot button issue that is something that makes people on both sides of the fence bristle up with emotion almost instantly.

I recently had a conversation about gun control in a post I made that was a quote from Eisenhower. I have a wide range of friends from right to left and I enjoy them all, so long as we can keep dialogue open I’m happy to talk about nearly anything. I don’t make a lot of political posts or statements, not because I don’t have beliefs, but because I respect that everyone has beliefs. Sometimes, especially on social media anything even vaguely controversial can blow up out of all proportion and I think there’s enough in the world without me adding to that powder keg without good reason.

It was with good reason that I posted this quote by Eisenhower: I wanted to point out the cost of weaponry. This quote comes from the man who made it his mission to arm America and then realized the price it cost to buy and maintain the unnecessarily huge amounts of munitions that he had acquired.

eisenhower quote

There are so many better things we could be focused on than weapons. We could do so many things as a species. We’ve come far in our understanding and knowledge in a short period of time. Instead of our learning bringing us peace, it’s brought it more fear and a need to buy and create more and more weapons.

When I posted this quote a friend of mine said, ‘now, Virginia, remember your pioneering roots. You wouldn’t have had food in the freezer if it hadn’t been for your parents and grandparents having guns’.

I agreed wholeheartedly with my friend and I continue to agree with him. I’ve shot a rifle before, I’ve hunted before. I’m not afraid of guns and I grew up eating venison and moose more than I ate beef or pork. I’m from Northern Canada and up here, it’s still pretty wild. We have long, cold winters and a short growing season. Lets say, it’s not an easy place for aspiring vegetarians (although I’m sure people manage it somehow now).

But my parents, grandparents and great grandparents settled the land here and it was a dangerous job. There were big, scary animals out there. In fact one time when my dad went out he got treed by a moose! One of the only times he left the house without a gun and he spent the whole night up a tree with the moose trying to knock him down from his perch in the branches.

But even though the guns in my house were necessary they still ended a life. One of my best friends was killed by one of my Dad’s shotguns.

After Philip died, my dad couldn’t fire a gun again.

Not too long ago half of a family was murdered, a woman and her thirteen year old daughter by a man they had invited into their house who then shot himself. Again, they had guns in their house for all the right reasons but it still ended in tragedy. I spoke to one of the relatives who said, ‘at 9 his wife and daughter were just fine and by 9:30 he got a call that they were both dead’. The other daughter found out about it when she saw an RIP for her own mother on social media.

I don’t think guns are inherently evil or bad. I’m not afraid of them, I know how to use them.

The problem with guns is that it’s only a split second of the evil side of human nature to make a gun a fatal weapon. To a person who is in a pit of despair, a gun is a way out that is quick and easy. Too quick and too easy. It doesn’t allow the human mind time to repair, time to make better choices and time to move on.

In a moment of rage someone who could never bring themselves to attack someone in a way that would put actual blood on their actual hands can pull the trigger from across the room without looking their victim in the eye. The danger of guns is that they are split second evil machines and once the trigger has been pulled there is no undoing of that crime.

They are such simple devices. So clean, so easy to use. Even a child can learn how to safely use a gun and even a child who knows gun safety can make a mistake. Bravado and guns often go hand in hand. I’ve seen people who’ve rested their rifles on their foot while out hunting and shot their own foot off. It happens.

In Canada, gun control keeps anything but rifles as a difficult commodity to acquire. Everyone who operates a rifle must take an exam and course that stringently explain gun laws. Guns and ammunition must never be stored together and both must be kept under lock and key. Even with these precautions stupid accidents happen and public shootings happen as well.

Guns aren’t nearly as common here as they are in America, but they still take a toll. The planet is getting more crowded and tempers and differences in race, religion and creed augment our differences in a way that makes some people lose all restraint. In a case like that it’s too easy for the snick of a trigger to make the difference in the lives of the person pulling the trigger as well as the victims.

We’ve all heard the mantra a thousand times, Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Yes. That’s true, but guns make it possible for cowards to kill without fear. Guns let people hide their humanity behind a scope and without so much as a splatter of blood end a human’s life at their whim. Rage is out of control. We need to give people more time to consider their actions, not less time as a gun gives.

People aren’t nearly as easy to kill if you have to struggle with them physically. It gives people a chance to fight back and guns don’t. That is why I contributed to this anthology and suggest that you give it a read. Whatever your stance is on guns know this, for however well armed you are, there’s always someone who can sneak up on you from behind. There is no way to make yourself completely safe from other people with guns by the use of guns. The folk who collect entire arsenals of guns are the ones who particularly alarm me.

Each gun must be maintained and cared for or it will be useless in a crisis. How many guns can you shoot at once? How much of these needs are driven by fear rather than a sense of empowerment?

I’m not asking you to agree with me on all these points, but I am asking that you take a moment to think about it.

Thank you,

Virginia Carraway Stark

Valentine’s Day Triple Feature

This Valentine’s Day has been spread over two days for me and my husband this year. Part of this is because in British Columbia we now have ‘Family Day’ which fell on February 13 this year. Because of this a lot of our day on the 14th is the ‘back to the real world’ part of any long weekend.

This hasn’t stopped it from being an extremely special time. Last year we released the ‘Hearts Asunder’ anthology and this year we released the second anthology of the same title. It’s starting to feel like things are moving at a rolling, steady pace with the holidays adding a conducive momentum to these types of themed anthologies. Heart’s Asunder 1 was popular and I think the second of the same name will be at least as enthusiastically received.

I’d like to share a more intimate (but still PG rated) part of my Valentine’s Day this year. As with most anything in my life, it comes with a backstory; so get cozy!

When I was a little girl I was in many ways treated like a princess. This extended to my Dad making me a little girl’s dream canopy bed. I had always wanted a canopy bed and both of my parents pitched in to make it my fantasy come true. Pink, with rosebuds on the curtains and canopy and crushed velvet accents, my mother made a matching blanket out of the same material with my childhood velour blanky as the lining.


This bed isn’t nearly as nice as mine was, but you get the general idea: A little bed for a little princess. 

Like all in most fairy tales, the princess’ life became more complicated through no fault of her own. Evil forces conspired to burn her house down and the magical bed went with it.

I’m really serious about that last paragraph. I’ve frequently joked about living in a Lemony Snicket book and I’m half convinced he got some of his ideas from my childhood (not really, but sort of really). The bed was lost in the fire and I never had one like it ever again.

Even all in pink my older brother was jealous of that bed. I think it was more about the time and energy both of our parents put into it but whatever the case, it was something special. it’s rare that something has so much love put into it. In my tempestuous life, it was an anchor point for me to hold onto. My dad was a man of grand gestures that made up for his many other shortfalls. In this case, that bed of mine made up for a lot of failing and probably bought him years of forgiveness that kept me bonded to him.

It wasn’t because the bed was perfect. It was, after all, handmade. As a child as now, I have always been far more impacted by the love put into a present than in the most expensive of gifts. My dad could have gone out and bought me a bed like other little girls had, but instead, I got something special. That was something no one else would ever have or could ever have. The bed lived on in my mind long after the flames took it.

Here we come back to the fairy tale princess:

The princess grew up and after many trials and tribulations she found her prince. They got married and she became his Queen and he was her King. They loved each other very much even though the words, ‘and they lived happily ever after’ never scrolled onto the screen. Instead they had many adventures and came to love each other more and more despite all odds.

Here I am, a Queen now in my own way but a Queen with a story that lacks closure on many areas. That’s just bad storytelling: Let’s hear more.


This year I was telling my husband about my little girl bed and discussing the loss of it. There’s a whole lot more to the stories here, a wicked witch of a stepmother, a father turned villain, a mother under a horrible spell…

But that’s not for today. Today is about a happy ending to an aspect of my fairy tale princess story. After hearing about my loss my husband decided that it was only fitting that I get a grown up version of what had been stolen from me. This brings us back to Valentine’s Day.

True to the original bed, my husband decided to draft plans for a new, improved version of the bed and today I was presented with what will soon be a bed fit for a Queen. I’m not a princess anymore and I don’t need my little girl bed returned to me, there wouldn’t be room for two in it for starters!

I found a picture that is close to what the finished product will look like (there will probably be fewer throw pillows though): hp photosmart 720

Pretty nice, huh?

The dominant colors will be red with gold and dark wood accents and the headboard won’t look like the one pictured, but it gives you a pretty good idea: valance, curtains, fancy bit at the top and my husband will be carving the posts with things that are significant to us in our relationship rather than the simple doweling for the corners.

How did this make me feel?

First off: happy that it isn’t completed yet. I think having it all at once would have been a bit shocking to my system. It’s nice to have a bit of time to adapt and I’m also happy to have gotten to have input into the final touches of design.

Second of all, a lot like crying. We all lose things in life. Usually it’s a gradual moving on, in my case however, it was a violent and dramatic wrenching away of all my childish things in one hideous blaze. All I had left after the fire was my dog who was thankfully with me at the time. Even my fish and my turtle got fried.

A fire like that, the loss of my entire life isn’t something that is easily forgotten. The beautiful bed and all of the things I loved were taken from me. That was something that I dealt with and moved on until I discovered the villainy behind the fire and that it was not an accident. The bed had been taken from me by the same man who had so lovingly built it for me.

This is more than a piece of my childhood restored, this is a marriage bed. This is a bed fit for a Queen. This is a celebration of the fact that I am married to someone who cares about me enough to give and to not take away.


There were some more little exchanges. There was a lot of snuggling, there was good food and chocolates and the night was rounded out with a movie.

I got tools for me to work on my pottery and a handmade container especially designed for them. My husband got a few special things too 😉

I don’t think there is a Valentine’s Day that could equal what my husband did for me this year because it wasn’t just a time for loving, it was also the return of potential that had been stolen from me. It was a return of a certain trust that my father lost and my husband gained.
It was in fact, the best Valentine’s Day that the little princess who lost her magic bed could have ever imagined. Maybe I’ve got a fairy godmother or two looking out for me as well as some guardian angels. Man, I keep all those guys busy!




Brook’s interweaves a complex plot as an owner of a pub deals with her past as her family re-inserts itself into her life. There’s nothing good about her family and her friends are being stalked by a brutal serial killer. More and more Brook’s wealthy father becomes the biggest suspect in this intense world where one misstep can make you lose your hide- literally.

Brook’s is coming soon from StarkLight Press.

Brook’s evolved out of a single chapter that was initially part of another project. The chapter was about a killer and it was deemed to be ‘walking a fine line to being too dark’. I lost interest in the greater project and took my chapter as the basis for a whole new story. This is one of my few stories where there are few aspects of speculative fiction. Despite many of the extreme concepts in Brook’s, there is nothing here that is beyond the scope of the people or world that we live in.
Half mystery, half horror, Brook’s examines family entanglements that won’t let go and what it’s like to be linked to monsters and to try to have a normal life. It also looks at the darkness of protecting those same human monsters. This is something I’ve encountered again and again in my own life; being hit with glimpses of the darkness inside people and watching the cover ups that follow.

I have put a lot of what I’ve seen in the world in terms of darkness and cover ups into this story and even though it is strictly a fictional story, it is also a true story in far too many towns.


The Santa Clause: A New Anthology from Virginia Carraway Stark

This anthology explores how it might be possible for children all over the world to receive presents in one night. Presenting plausible, magical solutions for questions like: how does Santa know who is naughty and who is nice? Or why there are so many variations of Santa dating back to Saint Nick.
This answers questions about the workings of the North Pole and its denizens as never seen before, starting with the base of things, The Santa Clause. What is The Santa Clause? Find out how this magical loophole lets Christmas magic happen.

Confused about how there can be so many different types of Santas? Why did Father Christmas turn into the jolly fat fellow dressed in red?

These questions, the adventures of reindeer and their magic as well as the secret lives of the North Pole Elves are all answered. Wondering why Santa settled at the North Pole? Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver the latest cutting edge technology under your tree?  You can finally have these childhood questions answered and more. Find out why some presents were clearly from your parents and yet cookies and milk still had to be left out for the man coming down the chimney.


Don’t have a chimney or maybe your chimney is small? That is explained as well as why having a fire lit is not a deterrent to these spirits of Christmas.  Finally, for the first time, the truth is here: Yes, There is a Santa Clause -Virginia

75 years of Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway
A Coffee Table Book and Production Celebrating Our Great Achievement

From War to Alaska:

75 Years of Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

By Virginia Carraway Stark and additional authors

Produced by StarkLight Press in conjunction with the StarkLight Players, The Songwriters of The Peace, The Dawson Creek Arts Gallery, The Peace Liard Arts Council and the South Peace Community Arts Council, this celebration of northern heroes is sure to inspire young and old alike with the vibrancy of our history in the north!


The original definitive guidebook to the Alaska Highway was published in 1949. The Alaska Highway was one of Canada’s largest contributions to World War 2 but it was nearly completely shrouded in secrecy. The path that it took was designed to optimize hooking up with key points of military importance. It is thanks to the Alaska Highway that American Fighter planes had a jumping off point into the USSR to fight Germany and its allies. A key point to winning the war and fighting against Japan’s ingress into North America’s West coast.

Because of the secrecy and its strategic importance there is still little known about the work, struggles and dramas that played out during the all important building of a highway that had been proposed since 1920. 75 Years of Putting One Foot in Front of Another strives to pull off the shroud of secrecy and to make the story available to the world.

So secret was the mission that built the Alaska Highway that many of the residents who have lived along the road their entire life are unaware of the origins of the road. Without the Alaska Highway the world north of Prince George would have remained a nearly uninhabited wasteland. The first engineers who planned the building of the road traveled by dogsled to map out the terrain and plan the best mode of attacking the enormous endeavor they were charged with.


The original highway was much longer than the modern highway, or than in this artist’s conception of how straight and easy a road would be to build through such harsh, unbroken landscape.



With the loops necessary to reach remote military outposts and with improved technology the road was streamlined into a modern road for transport and for tourists who want to enjoy this gateway to the hard to reach State of Alaska. Transportation, fuel costs and rubber were at a premium and how to get resources to the troops was one of the largest hurdles Generals faced. The Alaska Highway solved many of these problems.


The Alaska Highway was one of the most diverse projects of the war. 10,000 men were initially sent to begin working on the road that would start off as more of a rutted trail than as what we now consider to be a highway. Pontoon bridges served in place of stable, modern bridges in the haste to build the road that would play silent but key roles in an Ally victory. About a third of the American Soldiers sent to work on the road were black.



Perhaps as remarkable, one of the lead engineers was a woman! ‘Rusty’ Dow, nicknamed for her auborn hair asked for the challenging assignment herself.

‘Without the ruffles and stiff stuff that is the usual decorum between a general and one of his workers, “Rusty” Dow sat cross-legged in the office of the late Simon Buckner, Jr. She told the commanding General of Alaska Defense Command in World War II, “There are two places I want to drive a truck: the Burma Road and the new ALCAN Highway.”

I can do nothing about the Burma Road,” the general told the auburn-haired truck driver. “The ALCAN might be different,” he said to the woman in coveralls, driver for the Anchorage Corps of Engineers. (The Great Lander Shopping News, October 1975)’

Upon receiving her orders on June 1, 1944, Rusty was ecstatic and the following was her reaction in her own words:

Immediately I put in an appearance at the major’s desk. We have been informed that you wish to drive the Alcan highway said he. Yessir I stammered. Well here are your travel orders, approved by General Buckner. Report to Merrill Field in two hours where you will take a plane to Fairbanks. Upon arrival there report to North West Service Command, from whom you will receive further orders.

Yessir – I was able to reply weakly thinking of just how much preparation I could make in two hours.

But evening found me reporting to my new assignment at Fairbanks with a clean pair of G.I. coveralls under my arm, and my toothbrush and pair of pliers and a screwdriver in my pocket.”

The event was published the next day in The Anchorage Daily Times. An excited reporter got word of the story before she boarded her plane and was able to conduct a quick interview with her. The headline read: “‘Rusty’ Dow To Drive Highway: Will Be First Woman Piloting Military Road”

“‘I don’t know what it’s all about,’ Mrs. Dow said in her rushed interview between gathering her few things together. ‘But I do know it’s going to give me the biggest thrill of my life.’

Rusty was a true hero and a role model for women and men to look up to. Born in Texas, her name was Benzie Ola ‘Rusty’ Scott, her maiden name was changed to Dow when she married years later. She was one of the first of the lady Two years later, Texas-born trucker Benzie Ola “Rusty” Scott packed up her two-ton Chevy and traveled first to California and then was deployed to Alaska.
Only a few years after Amelia Earheart broke stereotypes wide open, Rusty started on her own rash of stereotype blasting. Rusty Dow had a big line of firsts under her belt: first woman truck driver in the territory, first woman to drive trucks for Alaska’s Fort Richardson, first woman to drive the newly constructed Alaska Highway, first woman to drive through the Whittier tunnel.


Rusty Dow in her iconic Studebaker driving the Alaska Highway.

She wasn’t the only woman to be deeply involved in the highway, its construction, maintenance and the health and transportation of the many people who contributed to its building.

75 years of Putting One Foot in Front of the Other focuses on the firsts that are what we, as Mile 0 are all about. We are the starting point for The Alaska Highway and so much more. This lineage is going to be celebrated between the covers of this beautifully formatted coffee table book as well as on stage as Rusty Dow and other key players come to life for the first time in the modern era.


Even though we start with ‘firsts’, 75 Years of Putting One Foot in Front of Another celebrates endings as well. This wasn’t just something we started, it was something we finished and in doing so, we contributed to keeping the world free.


Dawson Creek Art Gallery Archives/Photos

Project 49: Benzie Ola ‘Rusty’ Dow, ‘The dean of women war workers in Alaska’

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Virginia Carraway Stark received a nomination for an Aurora Award. Virginia won the Valour in Poetry Award 2015. She won the ‘I Found the Darkness’ short story award in 2015.

She had two nominations for BOFA for best novel and Valor in Literature (White Rook Takes White Queen, the first in the Carnival Fun series and Red Queen Takes Red Rook which is still in the contending to win for Best Novel Valor in Literature 2016) and a BOFA for best novel for Dalton’s Daughter. She wrote for Poe Gets Punked and won Best Indie Award.

She won the ‘Promising New Artist’ Award from the Northern BC Writer’s Guild in 2015.

Her screenplay Blind Eye received an honorable mention at the Canne Film Festival. Her short screenplay Witch Doctor got in the top three at the Reel to Reel Film Festival. Nomination for best short story for her short story, Alway Hungry published in StarkLight Volume 4.

She’s also completed three annual 24 hour poetry marathons as wells as 3 years of 30 days of Poetry. She’s won Nanowrimo two years in a row and completed the novel in 3 Days Challenge 2016

Virginia has been trained in massage and shiatsu as well as the art of Dim Mak. She has extensively learned herbology including usage in tonics, unguents, ointments, tinctures, teas, poultices etc. She studied reflexology and aromatherapy use and distillation of essential oils.

She has taken courses from the University of Guelph, University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh and Boston U as well as other supplementary courses from other Universities through correspondence including the University of Barcelona. She is currently working on her Masters in International Law from the University of Copenhagen in conjunction with her completion of her Bachelors in Philosophy and history from Penn University.

She is completing Specialties in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University and in Philosophy Specialty from Yale University.

She has basic competency in French, German, Latin and Spanish and can speak Danish, Irish and Greek on an elementary level. She constantly endeavors to improve her proficiency levels.

She is also an artist who has had several gallery showings of her work and has had her photographs used for cover work and other projects. She formerly modeled herself and is featured on several posters, Vogue Magazine, travel BC pamphlets and magazines, and book covers. She has done some acting including playing the lead role of Virna in her play, Carnival Fun. She attended Vancouver Acting School.

Other places to find Virginia:

author pic fiesty

Where to find more about Virginia

Free Stories, Contest Wins  or Excerpts Available Online by Virginia. You can also find links to live interviews on radio shows as well as interview transcripts.

Current Public Events:

Summer of 2016
The Dawson Creek Art Walk

Find Poetry and Art Work by Virginia Carraway Stark at Faking Sanity Books and at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. You can also find all of Virginia’s publications through StarkLight Press at The Art Gallery and find used editions at Faking Sanity all year long!

Her artwork is a regular at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery as well as at other art shows in Western Canada. Her art and poetry are usually paired together and inspired one from the other.

 Her poetry is featured at the end of every month at Faking Sanity Song Writer’s Cafe at the end of every month with live readings of her poetry or songs.
She performs at the annual Christmas Concert with the Songwriter’s of Northern BC the first Friday of every December. For more details about any of these events you can contact her at

Outermost Journal of the Paranormal is a great source for free stories as well as all sorts of interesting articles. This has  taken the place of the National Paranormal Society as I take a more open and dedicated view of the paranormal and can freely address many more topics! There is also a lot of fiction as well as interviews with Paranormal Investigators and Psychics who have worked with the police to solve crimes!

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Fan Art, Letters, Poems and Dedications etc

Thank you

By Liane Carter

People I don’t know
Pleasing me with prose
The scent of jasmine
A twilight rose
Caterpillar crawling
Reminding me to be
A monument of beauty
Virginia is she
Hands sticking in hair
And sticky magazines
Wing-wandering in night time
Half asleep still with dreams
Virginia and Sunny singing sweet song
I’m blessed to be among this poetic throng

liane carter picture for virginia poem

The very, very popular picture of Virna Grant, by my talented husband, Anthony Stark.

virginia and virna mug

Virna portrait

virna bag

virna mug

Artwork by Liane Carter who is also pictured with her copy of ‘In My Mind’s Eye’. She is an amazing poet in her own right as well as a clarinet player, artist and an inspiration to all who she touches!

picture by Liane Carter

liane carter virginia pic 3

liane carter virginia pic 2

liane carter virginia pic 1

liane carter in my mind's eye

There’s nothing like the feeling of having inspired someone to the point where they dedicate a book to you! Dedication by Lynda Williams for Opus 6 of her Okal Rel Series. Sketch of me by Richard Baltrop.

reality skimming opus 6 dedication

reality skimming dedication

Fan Jen M. Duell composed the following: Inspired by the planet Dalton from my novel Dalton’s Daughter.

More Fan Art!


Me as an evil queen who I was assured is redeemed in the end, CG artwork by Robert Marquiss.

Virginia loves to hear from her fans in every form and attempts to respond personally to every letter. She found this letter particularly touching:

Hello dear Virginia,

Hope all is well with you and yours across the miles. Are you the same Virginia Carraway Stark who wrote the wonderful story “Astronauts and Olympians,” from a recently published book by the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Think Possible? The story, however, impressed my heart in a very positive way because asthmatic since 2003.

Best wishes,

Hamza Saudi Arabia

(shared with permission)

She also is sent odds and ends of things that have inspired people as well as deeply personal fan mail about how her work affected them that isn’t available to share publicly.

If you want to send fan mail you can send it to:

Virginia C. Stark

RR 1 Site 3 Compt 32

Dawson Creek, BC

V1G 4E7