Live show and Interview: Zoom with me!

This Thursday, March 18, 2021 I will be live on Twitchstream! Follow Your Bliss, the program that has rapidly climbed to have thousands of viewers with the theme of ‘Don’t Say Maybe’ and its host, Zoe Duff-Hawksworthweeds and I will be talking about 2020, A Journal of a Plague Year, StarkLight Press, new opportunities coming from StarkLight Press, recent publications and how the last year has lead to both a time of thoughtfulness and a great burst of creativity despite the pandemic.

Join Zoe and I for a conversation on how to Follow Your Bliss, even during a pandemic. Hear about how StarkLight press and I personally have handled the Covid 19. We talk about collaborations, short story contests (including ones that are announced for the first time here, live on Twitchstream!)

Join us for a live watch party and get to be part of the conversation ❤ See you all soon!

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