I’m a # 1 Bestselling Author… but there’s more to it than that!

I’m a number one bestselling, award winning author… when did this happen???

number 1

Well, it’s been happening for a long time and as to HOW did this happen? I just kept going and don’t ever give up.


witch doctor title page

I always forget that I got this one! I need to staple a list of awards and achievements to something, like a book… of scraps… yeah, a scrapbook I’ll call it… πŸ˜‰

But writing has taught me a lot about how we measure success. I have seen people become number one bestselling authors in pools so small that ‘bestselling’ becomes completely subjective. In this case, it was paid books, all categories in Australia (and I’m pretty sure someone said the USA as well), but it hit number one twice in Australia.

Australia is pretty big, so that’s cool. All categories. That’s also very cool. Paid- very cool. I know I’ve been a bestselling author before, the difference here is that it was all categories and it was also paid.

passionate to a fault

See below; Australia is a BIG place. Not a small pond. I’ve heard people claim bestselling status off of being the bestseller in their small town newspaper when two people bought their book!


But again, it’s subjective.

I’ve gotten honorable mentions since the first movie I ever wrote: Blind Eye starring Rowdy Roddy Piper and Nick Mancuso and that was an honorable mention at Cannes! That’s definitely cool. But… what does it all mean? What do these fleeting victories do?

I was talking to one interviewer who didn’t know a lot about me. She started to ask me about what I had written, what I had achieved. This was a long time ago and I didn’t have nearly as much on my CV at the time. After a few minutes of talking she interrupted me and said, “wait a minute, why are you even talking toΒ me?”

Virginia wins award carnival fun

One of several awards I’ve one, this one was for best novel. That was a good one to get because a novel is a substantial slice of work! I’ve been involved in anthologies that have wone awards and my own poetry anthology won an award as well. Lots of nominations and several other awards from various foundations that I’ve very grateful for!

But that’s exactly the thing with writing, there isn’t a point where you become too cool to do new things. At least, that’s my opinion. I don’t think you can ever measure writing success in terms of how much money it puts into your bank account. I don’t think you can measure it terms of awards, although both things are totally awesome.


honorable mention essays of the world

Sometimes an honorable mention can mean as much as an award. I sent letters to world leaders including Putin, Trudeau, Trump…. all with my peace essay in them. Did it make a difference. I don’t know. Did I try. Yep. Did I get observed for my efforts? Yes, someone noticed! I was even invited to a banquet in Chicago where I would have been a guest of honor if I could have gone πŸ˜€ What a cool, cool thing to have happen in my life!Β 

I think that the only way to measure success in writing is that you’re doing it and that it’s filling that hole inside of yourself. I’ve started to do a lot more marathoning and I enjoy that. I’ve been finding more and more ways to challenge myself and it pleases me to do those things.

worlds number 1 bestseller

I still get rejection letters, and I’m sure I always will. Even Stephen King, when he hid his real name and sent things under a pseudonym found the ignominy of the rejection letter once more. I don’t think that ever goes away if people are objective about you. Not everything you write fits everywhere.

Writing is a compulsion that must be fulfilled. Even if I am content, writing must be written. Pain, pleasure, contentment, everything must be written.

The Worlds drabbles that I wrote will be expanded into larger stories and will be finding a home in StarkLight 5 and Tales from Space 3. A drabble, being forced out in exactly 100 words is like a book mark for a larger concept. I plan on using each drabble I write as the basis for a short story at the least, a novella or novel if I possibly can.

In this way, I challenge myself again and again. Growing each thing I write, reaching ever further. Now that I’ve won awards, now that I’ve filled a shelf with my writing, now that I’m a paid number one author, now that I’ve read my poetry in front of large audiences to cheers, now that I’ve read my writing to large audiences to the same now that I’ve… there’s always more to do. That’s what living is. That’s why writing is so wonderful, writing IS living.

Girl (3-5) playing in mud
As always, writing will always, to me, be having the time of my life and inventing wonderful worlds just like I have since I was about 2-3 years old. Hell, since I was an infant most likely!Β 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and who has ‘got’ my writing. Thank you to everyone who hasn’t ‘got’ my writing too… it’s elucidating to find how my mind works differently although it probably won’t change much about how I write. Although, I will always and forever be looking for better ways to communicate my insides to the rest of the world, because there is nothing as wonderful as that feeling of being ‘got’. That’s why we do it. Avid readers, avid writers, we all just want to get each other.


Also, thank you to everyone who is badly behaved, because as always, you’ll end up somewhere in my books. My dad once said to me, “It wasn’t fair raising you, I didn’t know you’d grow up to be a writer. I wouldn’t have raised you the way I did if I’d known you’d remember it and write about it.”

i am a writer


Writer says: hahah, we remember everything and it all, eventually gets told the way we saw it. So, thanks for all the memories! You’ll all be in my books and you never know when you’re around a writer… so maybe you should just be nice and decent πŸ˜‰

have fun

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