Brook’s interweaves a complex plot as an owner of a pub deals with her past as her family re-inserts itself into her life. There’s nothing good about her family and her friends are being stalked by a brutal serial killer. More and more Brook’s wealthy father becomes the biggest suspect in this intense world where one misstep can make you lose your hide- literally.

Brook’s is coming soon from StarkLight Press.

Brook’s evolved out of a single chapter that was initially part of another project. The chapter was about a killer and it was deemed to be ‘walking a fine line to being too dark’. I lost interest in the greater project and took my chapter as the basis for a whole new story. This is one of my few stories where there are few aspects of speculative fiction. Despite many of the extreme concepts in Brook’s, there is nothing here that is beyond the scope of the people or world that we live in.
Half mystery, half horror, Brook’s examines family entanglements that won’t let go and what it’s like to be linked to monsters and to try to have a normal life. It also looks at the darkness of protecting those same human monsters. This is something I’ve encountered again and again in my own life; being hit with glimpses of the darkness inside people and watching the cover ups that follow.

I have put a lot of what I’ve seen in the world in terms of darkness and cover ups into this story and even though it is strictly a fictional story, it is also a true story in far too many towns.



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