The Santa Clause: A New Anthology from Virginia Carraway Stark

This anthology explores how it might be possible for children all over the world to receive presents in one night. Presenting plausible, magical solutions for questions like: how does Santa know who is naughty and who is nice? Or why there are so many variations of Santa dating back to Saint Nick.
This answers questions about the workings of the North Pole and its denizens as never seen before, starting with the base of things, The Santa Clause. What is The Santa Clause? Find out how this magical loophole lets Christmas magic happen.

Confused about how there can be so many different types of Santas? Why did Father Christmas turn into the jolly fat fellow dressed in red?

These questions, the adventures of reindeer and their magic as well as the secret lives of the North Pole Elves are all answered. Wondering why Santa settled at the North Pole? Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver the latest cutting edge technology under your tree?  You can finally have these childhood questions answered and more. Find out why some presents were clearly from your parents and yet cookies and milk still had to be left out for the man coming down the chimney.


Don’t have a chimney or maybe your chimney is small? That is explained as well as why having a fire lit is not a deterrent to these spirits of Christmas.  Finally, for the first time, the truth is here: Yes, There is a Santa Clause -Virginia


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