Words off the Page and more poetry!

Two books of poetry, two different ways of looking at my life.
Lemons, Glass and Blood focuses on my childhood and the cover shows me as a broken and abandoned glass doll.
Words Off the Page is my life now, my outlook now. How I see the world and the magic and beauty of everything around me. I’ve divided them into two books because Lemons, Glass and Blood isn’t a very upbeat look into my life. It’s an in depth search of my soul and the digging out of all the pain and memories of a past that is long dead to me. That me no longer exists as it was, I have risen like a phoenix from the ashes of a destroyed child.
Words off the Page is the story of the me I became. The adult who lives every day seeing the good, the profound, the beauty and the irony in a world that is filled with wonder.

words-off-the-page-promo Lemons, Glass and Blood was a cathartic release while Words off the Page has a wide range of moods and much more complex emotions. Some of the poems are miniature stories, some of them are flights of fancy and others are my expressions of joy in life or realizations I made that inspired me to write.
They’ll be available soon from Amazon and where other StarkLight books can be bought or borrowed


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