Vacation in the Spice Islands From Issue 10 of Outermost

A Journal of the Paranormal

Vacation in the Spice Islands

By Virginia Carraway Stark

The following has been taken from pieced together ship logs. There was a lot of damage to the manuscript and discrepancies and inconsistencies in the dialogue. This is pieced together as well as Dan Wilson’s heirs were able to manage to reconstruct their father’s final days and the final days of their father’s partner at Wilson and Wigolm Accounting, Tom Wigolm.

Sometime in July, 2015

It has been… many days at sea. I wish I could tell you how many but they run together after awhile. In theory my lifeboat was supposed to have a GPS in it but it obviously hadn’t worked because no one had come to pick me up after my mad venture to sail around the world with only myself and my business partner had failed miserably.


Poor Tom, he didn’t stand a chance.

It was the…

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