Carnival Fun: Book 2 Book Launch

Carnival Fun Q and A

Originally posted live as E.C. Jarvis’ guest launcher to share in her release of ‘The Destiny’ series!

History of Carnivals

What does the word Carnival actually mean?


Translations vary but a rough translation is: ‘Fun with Flesh’. Carne being the Latin root word for flesh. The world of Carnival fun really means: Fun with Flesh Fun. I’m big on the fun 😉

flesh carnival

Carnival Fun starts with some serious creep factors, something that isn’t new to artists. Writers, sculptors or painters have always had a reputation for being a bit on the macabre side.

What book inspired the movie ‘Aliens’?


Who wrote the Necronomicon?
H.R. Giger

Get your free copy of it here!

What is Hypergraphia and what famous author was said to suffer from it?


Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland and many other books as well. I was diagnosed with Hypergraphia after I was struck by a taxi while walking across a crosswalk when I was about half finished Carnival Fun. Hypergraphia played a role in my writing of it, a strange and often misunderstood phenomenon, it is quite rare and can result in writing 40,000 or more words in a single day. Fortunately for me, I seem to have developed the extremely rare form of Hypergraphia where the writing makes sense!

ArtScans CMYK

And by the way, if you get lost while you’re writing, it doesn’t mean you have Hyperaphia, as I mentioned, it is extremely rare and is usually the result of epilepsy or a brain injury such as the one I suffered. to learn more about Hypergraphia and the different forms it can take and different authors who suffered from it.

Why would you guess Carnival Fun is largely set in Boston, Mass?

gray house carnival fun

This is a great representation of Virna’s inheritance, ‘Gray House’ that she got from her mother and occurs prominently in Red Queen Takes Red Rook

Because Boston is one of North America’s oldest city, it is also considered to be one of the most haunted cities. Having spent a fair bit of time there, I was inspired by its aura of ghostly appeal.

There are DOZENS of haunted tours that you can take in Boston and few places that aren’t considered haunted.

They even have theme parks as well as the plethora of tours! Boston is a place that takes its ghosts very seriously, and for good reason! If you’ve never seen a ghost but want to, go visit Boston! I won’t promise you ghosts but I can tell you that they’re very likely to visit if you’re receptive to the supernatural!

Visit here to see one of the many ‘theme’ parks that are especially active around Hallowe’en.

What playwright died at a hotel that is now a dormitory at Boston University? For bonus points, what dorm did he die in and what room do aspiring writers ask for to be inspired by this spectral being?

boston carnival

Shelton Hall of Boston University was a hotel before it was a dormitory. This hotel was home to Eugene O’Neill, a playwright with considerable talent and fame. Unfortunately, he was also ill from a rare neurological condition, and he died during his stay there. He died in Room 401. Today, hopeful writers live in the “Writer’s Corridor” on the same floor where O’Neill died. These students are getting much in the way of inspiration, if they want to write ghost stories.

Eugene o'neill carnival boston

What subway in Boston is reputed to be haunted as a result of mass casualties of the British during the American Revolution? What happened later on that is also blamed for these hauntings?

The T’s Green Line at Boylston Street, there is actually more than one story. One explanation for the reported ghost sightings, train malfunctions and other weirdness is that a mass grave for British casualties of the American Revolution was uncovered when the line was being constructed. In addition to being a mass grave, it has also had other disasters.  On March 4, 1897, a natural gas explosion near Tremont killed six people while dozens sustained injuries. The ghosts of the dead are said to haunt the train line.

art gallery tony with julia

Artist Anthony Stark with the cover art for Book 1 of Carnival Fun at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery showing.

carnival fun cover art

If you’re looking for opportunities for publication for yourself visit where something new is always happening and many writers have had their first stories or poems published through this highly visible publisher.


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