You Did WHAT With Your Nose?

I hear it all the time. I’ve done it myself. The constant whining of writers everywhere: There just isn’t TIME to write. Or how about: It’s just so HARD to write.

Yeah, I’ve done that. I’ve overcome my own fair share of hurdles to write but Kevin Josiah has OFFICIALLY outshone us all and the next time you want to justify about why you aren’t writing, maybe you should just sit down and do it because I can nearly guarantee your excuse isn’t as good as Kevin’s excuse. He had the granddaddy of all excuses and he said, “Yeah, except I want to write a book, so I’m going to write a book.”

You’ve probably guessed what point I’m driving at now. Kevin Josiah wrote a book, an entire NOVEL


He gets the ‘mike drop’ final word here.

I get it, we all have our journey and maybe not all of us are quite as cool as Kevin. I’m not. I got run over by a car and I bounced pretty good but when my hands hurt too bad after the accident to type more than a little bit of pecking I cried in self pity. Due to his particular disability, he was forced to write his story by a much more onerous ‘hunt and peck’ method.

I knew even as I let myself fall into my little pit of despair that there were other people who weren’t whining and who were doing instead but Kevin as put his ‘proof in the pudding’.

I am sending out a big salute to Kevin Josiah with one more word on the subject: The book says, ‘The first of the trilogy’.

Kevin Nose

Kevin, you rocked my world and congratulations on your book! I would love to read it!



Whatch the news story here!

Special Report: Beating the Odds


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