It’s a Book Launch Party and We’re invited!

At 4pm Pacific on April 2 Krista Michelle and myself will be joining Heather Bentley for prizes, games and all sorts of other fun. We will be talking about our recently published hit anthology Shamrocks, Saints and Standing Stones that stunned us by selling out on the second day it was available in print (it’s back now and you can put in an order to be first in line if it’s sold out again between now and when you read this)!

Shamrocks cover art

Here’s the link to join the party!


And here’s Heather! Thanks for the invitation to join your launch, Heather 🙂

H C Bentley

Every hour there is a different author and different prizes and games so it’s going to be a lot of fun. Plus Krista and I are mischief and fun together so if you tune in you could be in for some unexpected shenanigans! Krista Michelle will talk about her story, ‘Journey Through Time’ and I’ll probably gossip about everyone’s story, including my own, ‘Stone Circle’.

Here’s Krista and Myself. She’s making something (possibly naught) on the left and I’m having a toast to life in general as good Irish girls are prone to doing!

(You can see from these pictures how we could be mischief together!)

Krista and I will chat a bit about our St. Patrick’s day stories but mostly we are in it because we like to give stuff away and have fun while we do it so I hope you’ll join us!

We owe all this to Heather Bentley, also known as H.C. Bentley, author of ‘Her Last Love’. Heather invited Krista and myself to join the party and is going to be bringing prizes and fun to the launch as well!

Find Shamrocks, Saints and Standing Stones at Amazon in paperback or e-publication at:

Heather draws from her experiences as a veteran of the U.S. Army in her writing. Her protagonist in this, the first of The Small Town Hearts trilogy, is returning home and from page one you can feel that the experiences are coming from both experience and passion.

She lives in Kentucky with her husband and two daughters. She is happily surrounded on most days by one of her great loves: books! This is thanks to her job at her local library.

You can pre-order your paperback version of ‘The Last Love’ here:

Watch more about ‘Her Last Love’:


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