Merely this and Nothing More: Poe’s getting Punked!

This was my very first time writing diesel punk. When I was invited to contribute to this anthology I was told I could write any Poe story in any Punk style I wanted. My first thought: How many types of Punk are there? The answer is SO many and they are awesome mega fun to play with!

Writerpunk press presents Merely This and Nothing More: Edgar Alan Poe Goes Punk!

I chose to write the story of King Pest in the Diesel Punk style because (as I researched) I learned that a key component of the Diesel punk world is that is takes place after a world war. King Pest is about Bubonic plague. I decided to set it after World War One in the pandemic of Spanish Flu that gripped the globe.


In my version the demons of plague are instead robots who were made to help fight the war (and are fueled off diesel). The robots are working to spread the plague amongst the humans so they can take over the planet. Issac Asimov’s rules on robots do NOT apply to this world!

poe meme 2


Mereley This and Nothing More is available in print or e-format on May 31, 2016 and I can’t wait to read everyone’s stories!

I’ve learned a ton from Writerpunk Press about the power and diversity of Punk and I have several more stories in the works that will (hopefully) be published by Writerpunk Press over the next year or so. I’m spreading my wings in the punk world. I am doing a version of Anne of Green Gables in the Urban Punk Genre:

Anne of black fables

I’m also going into Cyber Punk with a Cybernetic Othello for Christmas this year:

othello promo pic.jpg

In the meanwhile, enjoy the range of punk coming to you this June in the Poe-extravaganza!

edgar alan poe

You can also get a dose of ‘old fashioned’ Steampunk from Starklight Press’s Christmas anthology from 2015

holly and ivy steampunk cover


You can also get involved in a summer Punk anthology with Starklight Press who is still accepting submissions at the time of this writing:

steam in the gears a starklight anthology




2 thoughts on “Merely this and Nothing More: Poe’s getting Punked!”

  1. Hi Virginia. I couldn’t find any information on your summer punk anthology. I went to and did a search, and still couldn’t find any info on it. Could you send me a link, please? Regards, Sharon


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