Stardust Always – Virginia Carraway Stark

Alan Rickman

Coming June 5th from Writers Colony Publishing, Stardust Always! A tribute anthology to Alan Rickman and David Bowie. All proceeds go to benefit studies to fight cancer. My story, ‘An Unpardonable Adventure’ will be in it.

bowie stardust cover

These two men have impacted the world is ways that we can hardly understand. They have become one with our subconscious? Who is the voice of God? We all saw Dogma: Alan Rickman, of course! Whose the professor we love to hate? Snape of course! He had a voice that grabbed you by the spine and made you sit up straight and listen to him. Whatever it was he had to say, that voice… you had to listen.

alan rickman 3

Another great man who influenced the world and how we see not just everything around us but also how we see the universe and the cosmos said something that resonated with David Bowie and his persona of Ziggy Stardust.


david bowie 5

Just as Carl Sagan, now long gone but like Alan Rickman and David Bowie his resonance lingers and will continue to linger for a very long time to come.

David Bowie’s connection to Stardust and the persona of Ziggy Stardust challenged¬† people to accept creativity in more forms than the ones that are spoon fed to us. Claiming to be an alien messenger sent to tell earth a message he delivered as he always did through music and theatrical performances. It wasn’t the fact that Bowie was claiming to be channeling an alien that upset people, it was his use of make-up and high-heeled shoes and occasional cross dressing that made people sit up and take outraged notice. The fact that Bowie wasn’t afraid of the lines between genders made him a trailblazer and if that was Ziggy’s message then the earthlings received it.

david bowie 4

Like the very best of the creative icons, Bowie and Rickman were unafraid in letting their passion show. Did they scare you a little? Good. They kinda wanted to scare you and everyone wanted more. Why? Because while passion can be scary it is also one of the most beautiful and powerful things that humanity displays.

david bowie 3

You can get into controversy, scandals all sorts of things about these men, but I’ll tell you something that was part of their greatness: They did what they did, they performed what they performed for themselves and how those performances were received was an afterthought.

They embodied passion.

. david bowie 2

Neither one of them was afraid of death. In fact, in Bowie’s last albums he talks about death as a new adventure. A joy lights his face as he sings of things to come in is (of course controversial) final album Black Star.

We might long for their spirit to be in the world but the gifts they gave us will never fade away and they are all on to the next great adventure in this world that is, after all, Stardust Always.


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