Shamrocks, Saints and Standing Stones

New Release: Shamrocks, Saints and Standing Stones

By Virginia Carraway Stark

Ok, maybe I am yelling a little bit, but I’m so excited by the reception that our Saint Patrick’s Day Anthology has had I can’t help it!


Shamrocks cover art

Ain’t she a beaut? Wait until you open her up and give her a read, she’ll knock your socks off!

This was an experimental anthology where all the authors were given prompts that had a date, a thing and a location in them. The authors were free to do whatever they wanted so long as the three things were mentioned at some point and the story took place around March 17th.

We are giving the whole prompted anthology thing another slug for our Game Changers Series. The first is set to be released for Mother’s Day and features great ladies in a range of genres. Some of the stories are based on fact and some are thoroughly fictionalized. The only constraint is that the story has to clearly be about the woman each author was assigned.

eleanor great women apply for availability.jpg

Our second Game Changer book is dedicated to the gents. Originally we wanted to make it for Father’s day but after some conferring we decided to release it in time for labor day instead. More than a card and a tie or a new golf something or other, labor day is the day when our parents, especially our fathers, were declared worthy of having a life outside of work.

Labor Day affects everyone but the conditions that men were working in when they started to unionize was killing them by the bushel on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve decided to release an anthology about the men who changed history for this important occasion. Also the two dates for Mother and Father’s day were too close together to release the second one in time.

game changers men

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, stay connected here and especially at for new announcements. Here are some upcoming anthologies to look forward to.




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