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Collective Ramblings features the work of many gifted authors and you can get a read of my story ‘Dopple Maze’ that is slated to be expanded into a novel next year with a different publisher (To be announced).

Rambling in this maze is not something for the faint of heart and winning your way to the center of the maze isn’t the prize you were looking for.


Nothing happened. Disappointed and feeling each second ticking away from me, I found another oddly shaped bit of brick and pulled and wiggled on it. Still nothing. I was fiddling with a third brick when I heard the unmistakable sound of a door opening and closing. I whirled around in time to see the outline of a door merging seamlessly with the stone wall.

A figure was walking towards me. It was so grossly disfigured that at first I had a hard time realizing that he was human. He was covered in tumors and cysts and his jaw was out of joint from his too-long face. It hung loosely on his chest leaving his mouth to gape toothless less at me. His hands were held out claw-like towards me.

He grunted aggressively and came towards me, swinging his hands through the air. One of his eyes was cauled over but the other tracked me with ease and he was quicker on his feet than his gasping breath indicated. I dropped to the ground to avoid his grabbing me in his foul embrace. He smelled like rotten things and I thought I would vomit. I thought I was hallucinating at first when I heard a collective gasp but it was followed by applause as though from a huge stadium filled with people. I glanced upwards and saw the speaker floating in the air above me as well as a smaller flying drone, this one had propeller sticking out of the top of it. Something fell to the ground in front of me, I darted forward and grabbed the item before I saw what it was, whatever it was, it was better than being empty handed.

I opened my hand around a small silver colored object that reminded me of a pineapple. It only took a moment for my amnesiac mind to figure out what it was: a grenade, minus the pin. I threw it at the mutant without thinking and dove for the far side of the oubliette I was trapped in, shielding my face as I did. The explosion took out part of the wall that led back to the rest of the maze and maimed the mutant.


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