Men in Black

A Journal of the Paranormal

The phrase “Men in Black” has become a widely known phrase and entirely misunderstood concept due to misinformation, pranks and Hollywood blockbuster movies. Many people assume that they know all about the Men in Black when if fact very few people know anything about the true origins of these mysterious figures.

The first known report of Men in Black was made by Albert K. Bender. Bender fought in World War Two in the air force. In 1953 he started one of the very first magazines about ufology called Space Review.

Bender created the International Flying Saucers Bureau in 1952, a small UFO group that nevertheless is considered by many to have been what gave later groups such as MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) their launching point.

It was the summer of 1953 when Bender claimed to have uncovered the ‘secret’ of UFOs. He said that he was going to publish all…

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