The Arkellan Treaty- Gripping, Galactic Intrigue


arkellan treaty1

Look for The Arkellan Treaty, the latest GAF Mainframe canon novel, coming late in 2016 from StarkLight Press. Featuring all your favorite characters from the GAF Universe, this in depth, fast-paced novel follows the upheaval surrounding an interplanetary conflict.

Planetary system Arkello has been at war with itself for decades. Now a tenuous peace has been forged between tropical paradise Arkello 2, and the more martial Arkello 4. Prime Minister Quetzal Ferguson has arrived in the system to sign a peace treaty between the planets, bringing the famous singer, Consin Arkadie, with him for good p.r. The double-appendaged Consin Arkadie hails from Arkello 2, a fact that has brought first the long war and now the fragile ceasefire to the attention of the entire Galaxy.

The GAF, eager to make sure the peace holds on such a high profile case, has sent Detach Detachment to keep tensions down on…

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