Larger and Larger

This short story was based off of a writing prompt in ‘An Author’s Tale’. I found it to be a lot harder than I thought at first to imagine a world that kept growing and growing. This is a rough draft of something I would like to explore further, perhaps having her fall through fractals at the end, I’m not sure what’s at the bottom of her particular rabbit hole but it raised my curiosity.


Larger and Larger

Virginia Carraway Stark

I first noticed it when I was sitting at the table eating breakfast. It was a subtle thing but it was hard to ignore.

The table was a bit too high for me and slopped cereal down the front of my shirt when I tried to put a larger than intended mouthful of it into my belly.

I was running late already and this was the last thing I needed. My shirt was dirty and I had barely even gotten a bite to eat.

I ran to the bedroom, feeling spun and wrung out. The hallway was long, I ran down it and reached up to open the door knob.

door knob larger

Reached up to open the doorknob? The vastness of the door overwhelmed me, I couldn’t think of what could explain why I had to reach up to open the door but I knew that if I didn’t hurry I was going to be late for work.

I threw my dirty shirt into the hamper, missed because I had aimed too low and threw it in again. The hamper was huge. In fact, everything in the bedroom was larger than I had remembered it to be.

The bed was further way and looked like a grand king sized bed, the lamps looked enormous.

I hadn’t eaten dinner last night and then breakfast was interrupted, I must have messed with my blood sugar and then insomnia for three nights running, that would explain it.

I put on a new top, settling from the dresser drawer when I realized that I had to jump to reach the hangers. I put the t-shirt on and it swam on me. It reached halfway down my shins and slopped off my shoulder from the far too large neckline. I was holding my pants on and gave up on it when I tried to tie the t-shirt in a knot and they fell right off of me.

I left the t-shirt to dangle around my legs and ran to find my phone. I couldn’t go to work today. There is no way. No way.

I found my cellphone on the table which I could still reach but had to peer over to find it. The chairs were large enough that I didn’t try to sit on them, instead I climbed onto the couch like a small child would, using the armrests to pull myself up and sitting cross-legged as my shirt continued its perilous slide down my shoulders.

I had to hold the cellphone with both hands. I called the office, it rang and rang. They would just be getting in themselves, I was about to hang up and try calling back when Don picked up, “Lewis Industrial”, he said calmly. I could tell from a slight catch to his voice that he had run to get the phone.

“Don, it’s Alison, I can’t make it in today, I’m not well,” The last words stumbled from my lips, the phone was getting larger in my hands.

“You sound really far way, could you hold the phone closer? I can barely make you out.”

I hit the speaker button and spoke directly into it. The phone was now the size of a tablet.

“I’m sick, I won’t be at work today,” I repeated loudly.

“Can you come in this afternoon?” He asked, it was a busy day today, I knew that. That’s why I’d been in a rush in the first place.

“I sincerely doubt it,” I said. The couch was enormous now and the phone was steadily growing larger. It was the size of a laptop now.

“Ok, do what you can, you don’t sound good, you sound like you’re about five and your voice is kind of high. I’ve gotta go though, the guy who’s supposed to be bringing in felt samples for the new hats is already here.”

I smacked my hand against my forehead. The hatter was my job to deal with! It was an odd fellow to deal with and if you didn’t watch him he’d slide shoddy merchandise to you in a heartbeat. We had a larger order for officer-style caps that I had spent all week designing along with the rest of the uniforms for a marching band.

Lewis Industrial was the face of design and it was so competitive, Don would steal all the credit. I hit the ‘end’ button and sulked for a moment. As I did I saw that things were still getting larger and larger. The walls were stretching upward and the room was getting wider. The couch was as wide as a double bed now and my t-shirt was more of a blanket than clothing. I took it off and wrapped it around me like a large towel.

larger and larger

The couch was high off the ground now. I leapt down. The room was growing at a rate that was easy to watch as it grew. I ran down the hallway, the door was too big now for me to open but I had left it open behind me when I had left last. The bedroom was the size of an entire house now. I only came up to the skirting on the bed.

I walked around, not sure what to do. I watched the bed stretch upward and the pillow that I had knocked off the bed in my hurry earlier I now pulled under the bed with me. I curled up on it but soon found that the pillow was pushing against the bottom of the bed and threatening to crush me against the boxspring. I started to cry as I rolled off the pillow that now dwarfed me. I curled up in a corner and watched as the bed and even the rug fibers grew bigger and bigger around me.

I fell asleep and when I woke up I didn’t know where I was.

The room was unrecognizeable. I heard a thunderous voice calling me, “Alison, are you home?”

I tried to answer back but my voice couldn’t make a dent in the world of largeness I found myself in.

I saw something coming towards me, shifting the fibers slightly as it stalked me. I recognized the dust mite that was coming towards me from a picture at my allergist’s office. He had been really right that having carpet in the bedroom was a bad idea it turned out.

dust mite larger

I grabbed a splinter of hard fiber and wielded it against the dust mite. It wasn’t my imagination, even the dust mite was getting larger now, He stepped over me and walked away, forgetting about me as he grew still larger and larger. He was the size of a brontosaurus now and I was falling under the weave of the carpet and into the underlay.

I could hear my boyfriend’s voice but it was so loud and so vast that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I heard a rumble and felt an earthquake. A jet of air blew up ahead of me, moving everything in its path, it was so warm, it was the furnace turning on.

fibers larger

Still the world grew larger and larger as I fell through on fractal world after another, wondering as I fell down the rabbit hole of insanity that had overtaken me if there was anything at the bottom or if I would just fall forever.

fractals larger




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