Some Thoughts About the NPS

I have big thinks today.

Except for the compound part, this is exactly my experience with the NPS and with leaving it. When I started to feel like they were demanding too much of me I balked and that was when the trouble really started. Up until then they had been ok to deal with but I had plenty of warning from former reps who ran away and many of them were bullied and abused while in the group enough to consider themselves traumatized now. I was fortunate and because I was on guard and verified that I would not lose the rights to my writing repeatedly I have escaped with only vague threats and shunning.

The woman who runs NPS is venerated as their leader and it is forbidden to ever question one of her edicts. She is considered to be the absolute in all matters in every aspect not just on NPS but in many cases off as well. For those who don’t know it stands for the National Paranormal Society.

Regular on-line or real life groups don’t attack you and threaten to sue you when you leave. They haven’t said specifically what they intend to sue me for, actually, what they said was that ‘legal action’ had been started. An even more meaningless phrase.

Groups that are good spirited also don’t have malware on their websites that makes people’s computers light up if they have more advanced software. The sorts of people who install that sort of software are really interested in tracking your movements and your keystrokes as well as getting paid by the click. They can do worse things too but those are the most benign reasons people have software like this on their site.
If you do go to the NPS website make sure to scrub you computer and that you have all the latest updates. Google said that was the best start to getting rid of malicious software when I contacted their reps about it.
Every time a rep leaves the members are instructed to not speak to the member who left.
Every time a rep leaves they are subject to intimidation tactics especially about talking about the harsh, military-style environment that they deal with at the NPS.
I don’t know how long or if this post will get tagged like my last one but a really good way to see if something is a cult is if they let you leave. If someone won’t let you leave and wants you to wok for no pay and no recognition then they are at the very least unethical and mean spirited.

I know that more and more people are banned from the NPS, over 2% of the number of people who joined it have been banned. That’s a pretty high percentage. The reputation of the NPS as a source of amusement and a group of people who are akin to watching Geraldo are more reasons that I left.

I would like to say again that I had no intentions of saying anything bad about them when I left. I wished them the best. Any organization that calls you childish for asking for credit for your own work and tries to alternately demean and threaten you to make you fall into line is bad.

I know a lot of members who stay on because, much like myself, they haven’t (so far) had much of a bad time or it’s been just fine. I also know that some of the people act like thugs and enforcers for Candy.

This is not a society that does as it purports and seeks to use the scientific method to prove the paranormal, it is a group of ruthless cut throats who turn on you on a dime. It was nearly a week after I had left that I started getting demanding and threatening messages. They tried to claim copyright of my writing and take back the  permission I had exclusively sought out to ensure I would retain all rights to my own writing. Writing that was done on a volunteer basis I may also add.

People have a right to their own thoughts and opinions, anyone who says otherwise is abusive. I have a right to my opinion about the NPS and other people have a right to say it is wonderful. I’m not a cult leader so I don’t really care what you thing 😉


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