Coming for Valentine’s Day

Heart’s Asunder is an anthology compiled of horror stories for Valentine’s Day. I think that a lot of us have found this day to be depressing, horrific, terrifying and an array of other sentiments as well.

It’s a day that few enjoy and we, the lucky few see the horrors that beset the many who do not have a stellar Valentine’s day. There are some really cool, twisted stories in this anthology, I was utterly dazzled with the quality of the submissions. The emotion this holiday evokes is so strong both of good and ill that it was easy to get immersed in my story, Willows Corner.

The hardest part with this anthology was in deciding which story to write. I actually ended up starting four different stories before settling in on Willows Corner, mostly because the other stories I was looking at ended up being a lot more in depth than the word limit allowed for. I think there will be a novella about Nephertiti that comes out as a result of being involved in this anthology. Coming February 5th in e-book and print, this is not an anthology to miss out on.



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