What I Know About the Program- Part Two

The Program at Green Hill Part 2. More information from Madison Coleman about the psychics coerced to work for the navy in Green Hill, Rhode Island.

The Program at Green Hill

Madison Coleman Reports

Our home world, that’s where the crux of my origins come from. Dad was so tripped out with puberty that he lost his safety valve, lost his windows and started opening doorways without consciously meaning to. All sorts of horrible things happened and he doesn’t know to this day if they happened in his home dimension or if he was traveling or what happened.


He became delusional, he knows he was in the hospital. They thought he had run away and injured himself, they thought he might have done it on purpose, like he was self-injuring or suicidal. He was put into a mental hospital for awhile in his own dimension and it didn’t help at all.

They tied him down, they medicated him and left him totally open to whatever came at him. His puberty hit him so hard that not even the medication dulled it…

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