What I Know About the Program- Part Three

Part 3 of The Program at Green Hill from the perspective of the psychics in Green Hill Rhode Island who are coerced into it.

The Program at Green Hill

Madison Coleman Reports

I had a doorway in my closet. It was the safest and easiest because there was a little trap door at the back and when I was little I needed a bit of help visualizing the doorway or it would spread all over the place and get all sloppy.


I was having some fun in Dorian, a place of magic and elves and swords and all sorts of fun things, I had friends there and I would go visit. I had been there for a week because I arrived two days before the Elvish Apple Festival in the Great Forest. All the elves dressed in their best and the trees were decorated as the apples were picked so that they wouldn’t miss their beautiful decorations of gold and green and red and pink apples. I had a room there that they kept for me and a closet…

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