Fall Fantasy Interview Series: #3

Kat Hutson’s blog has a lot of great advice on it and interesting reads and interviews! This week she interviews me about Carnival Fun, coming October 28 from Starklight press

Kathrin Hutson Fiction

I’ve conducted the third Interview this week for new Fall Fantasy Releases with author Virginia Carraway Stark, author of ‘Carnival Fun’

1) I’ve seen you write so many other genres: poetry, Horror, Sci-Fi. What is it about Fantasy that drew you to write ‘Carnival Fun’, and where would you place Fantasy in your list of genres you enjoy writing?

Since I was little I saw magic in everything. I would play games with the lady who I believed lived in the moon and offer her the soft pussy willows of spring. I believed that mosquito larvae in the ditches where I grew up were actually little water faery darting about. I would gather flowers together and make mud pies that I would then decorate and leave out for the spirits that I felt lived in the woods and marshes. To me, the world has always been about magic, both light…

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