Fall Fantasy Interview Series: #1

Interview with Jason Pere by Kat Hutson about his recently released novel, ‘Calling the Reaper’.

Kathrin Hutson Fiction

For the next month, you will see a series of author interviews posted here, conducted by and interviewing myself and three other Fantasy authors. Each of us has a Fantasy novel released this Fall, and we felt it was time to share with you some fun knowledge about each talented author and each brilliant new work of fiction. Keep your eyes open for ensuing posts in this Fall Fantasy Interview Series.

So without further ado, the following is my interview of Jason Pere, author of ‘Calling the Reaper: First Book of Purgatory’.


1. What inspired the running story line behind ‘Calling the Reaper’ and the ‘Purgatory’ series?

C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! Several of the great fighting video game franchises of the 90’s played a hand in the birthing of this idea. It was a fairly simple origin, truth be told. A lot of the inspiration was really derived from nothing more than…

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