Coming Soon: Voices of the Valleys Anthology Release from Colbalt Press


Voices from the Valleys is an anthology that offers a tour of what it is like to live in British Columbia. I am honoured to have had two short stories published in it. One takes place in Northern BC and the other in the Central Interior near Fraser Lake.

Both stories are true ones and detail encounters with the wild side of BC. The titles are teaser enough for what you will encounter when you pick up this volume: ‘One Smart Moose’ and ‘Wolverine’.

The Moose encounter is one my Dad had with a moose while Wolverine tells my story about how I first encountered the wolverine I came to know as Checkers and formed a bond of sorts with this wildest of wild animals.

The paper edition will be released by December and the e-version slightly before. Stay tuned for updates!

All proceeds from sales of the anthology goes to support Doctors Without Borders.


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