Foil Hearts

Foil Hearts
By Virginia Carraway Stark

This ending
Seems so…image
And I wonder
If when we died
Instead of leaving
Behind a rotting corpse
We left a bit of glitter
And a foil heart
With our loved ones names
Decorating each
Shining gemstone
If it would seem so…
And i wonder
If we would be so sad
If there weren’t sunken cheeks
And rheumy eyes at the end of life
But instead
Maybe a sort of dance
Like we were all suddenly
And briefly
More graceful and beautiful
Than we had ever seemed before
Sudden ballerinas
Giving one last dance
Of love and joy
Then would we
Cry with joy
Clutching glitter
And foil hearts
That were all that was left
Our smiling ballerina
Who vanished like a sunbeam
Hidden behind a cloud
To see our loves
But not them
Empty husks of proven
Our tears unmoving
Those cold cheeks
I wonder
If we sorrow
For the disillusionment
Of the beauty
Of a sparkle in their eye
Gone dead
Unplugged television static
Is more vivid
And less sullen
Than that
Horrific soulless stare
It is trauma
Even more than loss
Even unseen
We know
No ballerina danced
There was no glitter
And no foil hearts
Only disposal
A body to be rid of
And broken hearts


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